NorShor Theater Restoration

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A Star is Re-Born

Much beloved but long beleaguered, the NorShor Theatre is an icon in downtown Duluth. Since 1910, the NorShor hosted live performances, movies, music, and more. As time marched on, the theater met with many missteps, ultimately closing as a shabby shell of its original state. In 2010 Duluth Mayor Don Ness stepped up with a bold vision to renovate the NorShor and bring it back to new life and purpose.

Mayor Ness recruited Sherman Associates to oversee the development and the Duluth Playhouse to ensure the new facility met all professional performance standards and to oversee its ongoing management. The $30 million project was funded with a $7 million bond from the State of Minnesota and a complex array of additional financial resources. A $5 million fundraising campaign championed by the Duluth Playhouse ensured the project would maintain the highest level of operations and long-term sustainability.

From 2010 to the  February 2018 grand opening, I was involved with this inspirational project. It was an honor to play a part in creating a new life and legacy for such an important piece of Duluth’s history and culture.

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